During a Mindplay™ workshop we use a range of tools and techniques that have been tried and tested in every sector across the globe.

We can work with you in the following ways:

Single issue workshop

Helping an intact team to explore a complex problem and agree a course of action.  Examples are formulating a business strategy, building a go-to-market plan, increasing employee engagement, devising a new business model, redesigning the organisation or developing a new product.

Multi-issue workshop

Participants from across the organisation or different organisations each bring their own opportunity or challenge to be addressed at the workshop.

Train the trainer programme

A team from your Learning and Development (L&D) function go through a variety of events that certifies them to deliver Mindplay™ workshops in-house.

This gives you a resource on which you can call as needed, increases the facilitation skills of your L&D function and lowers the cost of cascading idea generation through your business.

Testimonial from an Imagination Coaching Masterclass

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