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Welcome to Mindplay™

We help businesses to be successful by unleashing the ability of everyone in the company to generate ideas, innovate and solve complex problems.

You need to constantly invent and implement new ideas for competitive advantage. The stronger your pipeline of unique concepts the better your chances of beating the competition.

By combining the imaginative with the rational, Mindplay optimises the return on your innovation efforts.

At the age of five, 98% of us have creative genius. This drops to 2% by the age of thirty. So, in addition to taking the obvious steps of dedicating resources to staying ahead of the game, you need to intentionally invest in upskilling your people.

At a Mindplay™ workshop your people will (re)learn the skill of idea generation and be coached to convert their concepts into viable solutions.

Payback for companies investing in this kind of development for their people include*:
• Cost savings over a four-year period of almost $600 million
• A 60% increase in patentable concepts
• A 300% increase in viable ideas from those who attended a creativity workshop compared with those who did not
• A $20 ROI for every $1 spent

Key benefits

Every participant returns with a draft plan to implement a solid business idea plus enhanced capacity for idea generation. The more people that attend a Mindplay workshop the stronger your pipeline of viable, unique business ideas.

Mindplay workshops

Dedicated time immersed in the practice and application of techniques that will build your idea generation pipeline, enhance problems solving capabilities and inculcate innovative thinking.


We run workshops to help:
• Intact teams wrestling with a single, complex issue
• Diverse groups where each person brings and works on their own business opportunity or challenge
• Build the capability in your Learning and Development team to deliver Mindplay™ workshops in-house

Erich Fromm

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty.

Edward de Bono

You don’t see new ideas by looking harder in the same direction.

Albert Einstein

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.

Thanks for facilitating two fantastic strategic planning days for SAS. It was one of the most engaging and rewarding processes I’ve been through with the team and it really created a stronger alignment for our collective thinking. Taking two days to step away from the office to work with you will undoubtedly help us leap forward with a stronger and more cohesive plan uniting the whole team.
Hugo Tagholm CEO, Surfers Against Sewage
Taking part in a Mindplay™ workshop was a valuable and interesting experience, especially as we are an analytical, data driven, task oriented team. It was a fun way to experiment with creative and imaginative ideas that took us outside our comfort zones in a safe way. More specifically, it gave us an expanded vocabulary and a substantive step forward with our vision and strategy. In addition, an extended group of people are now engaged by the topic and recognise its scale and significance.
Russ Cummins CEO, Imperial Innovations

Who we are

Everyone involved in Mindplay has spent the majority of their time working in the business world. We have run large businesses in the public, private and voluntary sectors, held senior positions in the Big 4, worked in academia and run our own consulting practices. These experiences have taken us across the globe and into almost every commercial sector.

As a result, we have over a hundred years of practical experience on which to draw. Our approach is deeply rooted in the reality of business life.

We have also seen the transformation when imaginative ideas are combined with robust practicality to deliver real business benefit. Throughout our careers, we have sought to understand how that mix works.

The combination of solid commercial nous and the ability to rekindle imagination in the workplace gives us the unique ability to help unleash the generation of viable ideas in your business.

Chris Corbin

Chris Corbin

Loves nothing better than enabling people to generate a unique insight and bring it to life so that it makes a positive and lasting difference.

Barbara Armstrong

Barbara Armstrong

Passionate about engaging in a real and human way with others to help them uncover new possibilities and make them real.

Stephen Cristini

Stephen Cristini

Stephen has worked with senior management teams throughout the world in industry sectors ranging from Retail through Engineering and IT to Pharmaceutical.

Neil Pavitt

Neil Pavitt

Neil has spent over twenty-five years creating campaigns for global brands as a writer and Creative Director at advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi.

Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas

Julian brings a combination of consulting experience, skills in creativity and innovation and academic rigour that help clients to generate innovative solutions to accelerate transformation.

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