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Everyone involved in Mindplay has spent the majority of their time working in the business world.

We have run large businesses in the public, private and voluntary sectors, held senior positions in the Big 4, worked in branding and communication and run our own consulting practices. These experiences have taken us across the globe and into almost every commercial sector. As a result, we have decades of practical experience on which to draw. Our approach is deeply rooted in the reality of business life.

We have also seen the transformation when imaginative ideas are combined with robust practicality to deliver real business benefit. Throughout our careers, we have sought to understand how that mix works.

The combination of solid commercial nous and the ability to rekindle imagination in the workplace gives us the unique ability to help unleash the generation of viable ideas in your business.


Chris Corbin

Chris has been working both internally and externally with organisations in every sector and across the globe for over 30 years driven by his passion to make a positive, lasting difference.

Over the past few years Chris recognised that, in many organisations, the pressures of the modern workplace resulted in a lack of opportunity for people to bring their imaginations to problem solving. He noticed that the sessions on his workshops that made most impact, engaged the audience and were most ‘human’ were those that involved creativity. This led to the development of a dedicated offer that is Mindplay™.


Barbara Armstrong

Barbara has been working with multi-nationals, SMEs, public and not for profit organisations for over 12 years as business consultant, executive coach, leadership trainer and thought leader. With a reputation for seeking out and encouraging “next practice” for business success Barbara connected with Chris through a mutual acquaintance. Early on it became clear that they had similar views on the importance of rekindling imagination at work and collaborated in bringing Mindplay™ to fruition.

Barbara is in the final stages of co-authoring a book entitled ‘47 Innovation Hacks’ and also her own book entitled “Get Fit for Growth:  12 Fundamental Principles to Unleash the Growth Potential of Your Business”.

Stephen Cristini

Since 2004, Stephen has worked with senior management teams and individuals in the UK, Europe, the Far and Middle East in industry sectors ranging from Retail through Engineering and IT to Pharmaceutical.

In this time, he has recognised the lasting value of activity based learning, making use of imaginative problem solving methods designed to take people from creative ideas through to practical, innovative application.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Stephen worked as a communication specialist assisting organisations to develop effective internal and external communication channels to assist in driving cultural change programmes.

Neil Pavitt

Neil has spent over twenty-five years creating campaigns for global brands as a writer and Creative Director at advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi. As well as having won many prestigious awards in this industry, he has also written a short film which was nominated for the BAFTA New Writers award.

Since leaving advertising he has focused his energy on helping others become more creative. He is a passionate believer that everyone has the ability to have truly innovative ideas and has run workshops on Creativity in Business and Brand Story. He has also written two books, ‘How To Be Creative’ and ‘Brainhack’.

Links to purchase books:
How To Be Creative

Julian Thomas

Julian specialises in delivering all aspects of Strategic and Operational Transformation. Julian is a qualified MBA with experience across a number of functions. He advises organisations around the world on how to use Creativity and Collaboration in the development and execution of business strategies and the implementation of innovative and fundamental change.

He is a visiting Professor at the Cardiff School of Management and works as an independent consultant. Prior to that he was a Partner at PwC in their Middle East Strategy & Operations Practice. Earlier roles were Senior Partner with KPMG leading the Private Sector Consulting group for the UK practice, the Operations practice for its Consulting Business globally, leader of the Global Consumer Markets Advisory Practice and a partner with Deloitte leading their Management Solutions European Strategy & Operations Practice.

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