The Benefits

Investment in Mindplay™ helps to optimise the innovative capacity of your business.

Idea generation from your people is the ‘seed corn’ from which breakthrough concepts emerge.  Participants build their skills in idea generation and bring back an implementation plan to address a tricky business opportunity or challenge.

The outcomes are delivered through a highly participative and enjoyable workshop. It can run as a separate event or be integrated with a more extensive people or organisation development programme.

The rhythm of the workshop moves between divergent thinking – to expand possibilities; and convergent thinking – to convert the ideas into viable solutions.

As Einstein said, ‘Unless at first an idea is absurd, then it has no value’. At Mindplay, we help your people relearn the skill of idea generation and show them how to make the ‘absurd’ into a solid business proposition.

Mindplay™ on Mindplay™

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Who is it for?

The Mindplay™ workshop delivers optimum value where it is used to address complex issues that have been difficult to resolve.

Key ingredients are that the solution requires an imaginative approach and that participants have real commitment to a successful outcome.

Participation in a Mindplay™ workshop by Senior leaders is a powerful way to role-model the importance of building the innovation capacity in the business as well as equipping the leaders to spearhead idea generation.

Groups that have become entrenched in linear thinking and conventional approaches to problem solving can find that a Mindplay™ workshop recharges their energy and generates breakthrough ideas.

In short, it is for people who have been wrestling with tricky problems and need a fresh approach.

Testimonial from an Imagination Coaching Masterclass

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